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This is a sample page with some popular sites listed.
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We were looking for a cloud based bookmarking manager that was quick, free, reliable, private and secure, nothing to buy and install, no bells and whistles, not cluttered with advertisements (maybe just a few), would work on any device, on any platform, from anywhere on the planet where internet was available.


We couldn't find one so we built one. And we are sharing it with you, for free.

Then we took it one step further. For those sites that will allow it we track the time of the last post or comment on the site and report that, so you will know which ones have fresh content, and which ones haven't been touched in months. As a social media management tool it works well with all your favorites, not just social websites.

Check out the demo above to see how it works. We tried to design the best bookmark manager we could and we hope it works for you too.
It used to be if a person had a presence on the internet they had a website and an email address.

Things have changed!

Now people have a website, a Wordpress blog site, a Facebook page, a Pinterest page, a Linkedin page, a Tumblr page, a Twitter page, an Instagram page, a YouTube page, and a Google Plus page. They might even have a Keek page and a Wattpad page.

So much to keep track of! So many lists of friends, followers, and followings to be managed. It's easier to just do it all in one place and follow who you want without all the trouble on a cloud based bookmark manager.

For those loved ones, celebrities, politicians, and others that you need or want to keep track of, bookmarking all those sites is a pain. Then some of your bookmarks are on your office desktop, others on your home desktop or your laptop, and a few scattered across your pad and any one of several smart phones.

There have been a few apps that promised to consolidate all those links in a master cloud based bookmark manager system, but many are tied to a certain platform, such as Apples IOS. Some, though they work, get bogged down and useless. Others require you to download an app that only works on some of your devices.